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The best way to work with me depends on the duration of your health issues, whether testing is recommended, your current lifestyle, your readiness for change and the level of support you feel you may need.

Service6 month Gut-Healing Programme1 Day VIP Intensive
OverviewA comprehensive programme to identify the root cause of your gut & health issues and support it in a systematic, thorough way to achieve reduction of symptoms now and for the future.A concentrated full day to plan your digestive health future.
LocationIn person, Skype or FaceTimeIn person
What’s involvedWe work systematically through a 5R programme with an initial consultation (fact-finding, full case review) plus a mix of full consultations, check-ins, email boosters, accountability emails and email support. There’s also test interpretation and supplement changes at each full review depending on your progress:

The 5R approach:
1. REMOVE the potential underlying cause of the imbalance. This relates to nutrient-poor foods or problematic bugs from the body. This stage can start reducing inflammation.
Regarding food – the 14 Day Gut-Friendly Meal Plan eliminates the most common foods causing digestive distress (including some healthy foods). We will personalise this to your unique situation. Even if specific foods do not seem to be a problem for you, the reduction of burden on the digestive system may be significantly positive while we identify your underlying cause/s.
Regarding problematic bugs - testing allows us to identify if infection is caused by bad bacteria, yeasts or parasites. Removing them with natural anti-microbial supplements is an important part of the 5R protocol to further reduce inflammation.

While we are testing to identify bugs, I support your immune system with supplements, so it supports your body in advance of the REMOVE section. This usually makes you feel better straightaway.

2. REPLACE with whole foods and nutrients that help break down and absorb food. This may be stomach acid (HCl), digestive enzymes, bile support, short-chain fatty acids or anti-inflammatory supplements depending on what shows on your test results. I may also use specific vitamins & minerals I suspect you are lacking due to test results or my assessment of symptoms.

3. REPOPULATE the gut with beneficial bacteria from prebiotic and probiotic foods and supplements. This is to support a healthy balance of microflora in the GI tract, ensuring optimal digestion and immune function.

4. REPAIR the gut wall through dietary and lifestyle modifications, as well as targeted nutritional supplements to help the lining of the gut repair by supplying key nutrients that can often be in short supply in a disease state.

5. REBALANCE is key for maintenance and prevention of future health issues. This includes retaining healthy gut function by continuing to eat healthily, taking regular exercise, managing stress, ensuring good quality sleep and continuing quality supplements. Changing of attitude and belief systems may also be key for long-term health.

Each stage is equally as important for achieving and retaining balance. No stage can be omitted for long-lasting health or a truly preventative approach to future health. The stages can overlap, or we can re-visit earlier ones if your symptoms don’t subside or identifying your underlying causes is proving challenging.

Your 5R approach will be completely personalised for your unique situation.
We meet in a beautiful hotel setting in the Surrey countryside.

An initial consultation (fact-finding, full case review), identification of your goals, both short and long term followed by a roadmap of how we can support you with a plan by the end of the day.

A delicious lunch awaits us to break up the day followed by a stroll around the grounds and lake.

After lunch we start on the ‘how to’ and create a plan that’s just for you and designed to reach your heath goal in the shortest possible time.

We will adapt the 14 Day Gut-Friendly Meal Plan to your exact needs.

A question & answer session is key for you to feel you can ask anything pertinent to your goal. I have a brain packed with nutritional knowledge waiting to be asked. You only need the 5% that’s relevant for you and that’s what this day is about. You’ll leave the confusion behind and we’ll get specific on your new route.

You’ll end the day with clear direction on how to improve your health. This may include lifestyle suggestions, specific supplement recommendations or a staged approach to food elimination/challenge. It may be advice how to manage the 5R approach.

Although I have a planned structure for the day, I will tailor it your learning or working style. It’s your chance to have an expert on tap for a whole day and I want you to get a real return on your investment.

A follow up call is scheduled a week later to ask any further questions and provide additional motivation.
It’s for you ifYou want to eliminate confusion and get clarity
You need testing
You need hand-holding support
You need accountability
You need gentle support that may take time
You’ve not seen results with previous shorter programmes
You are seeking a partnership with a caring practitioner
You want to eliminate confusion and get clarity
You want results fast
You are self-motivated
You have either some or considerate nutrition knowledge but need personalised guidance & direction from an expert
*This is also suitable for nutritional therapists needing digestive expertise to manage their own health
It’s not for you ifYou want a quick fix
You are not willing to put your health as a priority for this duration of this programme
You get overwhelmed with too much information at once
You need testing
You need a lot of accountability support
Please noteTesting and supplements are additional to the programme fee cost as these are personalised to each client


For many years of working with clients 1:1, I have identified exactly what level of support is required to get to the root cause. I don’t just paper over the cracks or chase symptoms; this is all that can be done in one or two appointments. Identifying what’s really going on underneath that’s causing your symptoms takes time, knowledge and experience. I become your digestive detective. I have explained the 5R approach above – it works, so I use it as the basis for every client who wants to achieve lasting results. Oh and that by the way is everyone I talk to!


I offer Skype or FaceTime consultations, so distance is not a barrier. However, the first consultation is preferable face to face.

If you’re not sure which programme is right for you, Jane can assess your individual situation on a FREE 20-minute no obligation discovery call on 01483 697121

If you have already bought the 14 Day Gut-Friendly Meal Plan then you get this refunded from your 1:1 programme fees.