50 Simple Ways To Make Your Tummy Happy

You can discover 50 fabulous tips to improve your digestion right here and now. I have LOADS of really valuable advice to give you!  


When I turned 50, I had to write this blog.

I still feel so fortunate to enjoy good health and want to share my tips with you.

Frustrated With Your Health?

But it wasn’t always that way, there were years I was so frustrated with my inability to work out what my underlying issue was and I:

  • spent years trying to solve my puzzle
  • got frustrated with the doctor “your tests are all normal”, then “just live with it”
  • spent thousands on unnecessary treatments & supplements
  • wasted time seeing so-called ‘experts’ (don’t get me started)
  • ended up in countless blind alleys
  • just didn’t know what to do.

Real Advice

I just yearned for simple, reliable advice.

From someone who had the knowledge and someone who knows what it’s like to feel rubbish.

Sharing My Knowledge With You

So to celebrate my SIGNIFICANT birthday, I want to share with you 50 fabulous SIGNIFICANT tips.

Simple Tips

They’re short. They’re simple.

Some are nutritional tips, some are lifestyle tips.

But they’re all strategies I see work every single day for me, my family and my clients.

I’ll let you into a little secret…

Take Action

Most of the most valuable information is SO SIMPLE that you may feel it’s not radical enough to try.

“Eat more veg” – how many times have you heard that? And ignored it?
“Move more” – obvious isn’t it, but are you actively doing something about it?

Here’s the list:

1. Chew your food thoroughly
2. Eat your bananas ripe with brown spots on (non-dairy ice cream recipe here)
3. Be aware what foods sugar is in
4. Look at your stools – what colour are they?
5. Keep hydrated
6. Limit fluids around meal times
7. Don’t be fat phobic – love your essential fats
8. Empty your stress bucket as often as possible
9. Eat a wide colour spectrum of fruit &vegetables
10. Eat probiotic & prebiotic foods
11. Use kitchen appliances wisely for healthy eating (4 great choices here)
12. Include oily fish to reduce inflammation
13. Include soluble fibre such as flax & chia seeds
14. Be wary of the sugar content in dried fruit
15. Use coconut oil or butter for cooking & olive oil for drizzling
16. Watercress & rocket may help stimulate digestion
17. Let eggs be your best friend
18. Favour berries as your go to fruit
19. If you know a food doesn’t agree with you, stop eating it!
20. Limit refined carbohydrates
21. Favour eating naturally gluten-free over gluten-free convenience foods
22. If you bloat with fruit try eating it alone
23. Expand grain choice to include naturally gluten-free grains (5 pancake recipes here)
24. Ditch your mobile when eating – eat mindfully
25. Ensure you get enough quality sleep
26. Try a magnesium bath/footbath before bed
27. Keep your mobile/electronics out of your bedroom
28. Give time to support your mental health
29. Move more
30. Expose your arms and legs to the sun when possible
31. Make delicious chocolate treats with raw cacao or 70%+ dark chocolate (try this recipe)
32. Make mealtimes sociable occasions
33. Don’t go to bed on a full stomach
34. Eat enough protein for good mood
35. Laugh out loud
36. Don’t eat what you can’t pronounce
37. Fall in love with herbal teas
38. Change your salt to Himalayan crystal salt
39. Make bone broth regularly
40. Vegetables feed good bacteria- shoot for 8 a day
41. Grow (and eat) your own herbs
42. Eat organic where possible (this is why)
43. Find a way to add turmeric to your diet
44. Have hobbies you love
45. Keep carbs to maximum quarter of your plate
46. Avoid or limit caffeine if you have anxiety
47. Add pineapple core to your smoothie
48. Avoid antibiotics unless absolutely necessary
49. Just eat real food
50. Don’t give up (this is how I healed myself)


Your Action

Pick ONE tip and do it RIGHT NOW.

You can do it.

You’ll feel better for taking action.

Print this list and refer daily to it.


Download this in an easy printable format