4 Week Gut Health Reset

Introducing a tailored self-study course using everything I have learned over the past 7 years working with people just like you and my decades of personal experience

We will dig deeper into the WHAT TO EAT – a practical short course.

Watch the video below to find out more. If you prefer to read, then read right on….

You will have access to:

15 short videos opened weekly over 4 weeks

Homework actions with each module

Health trackers to keep note of your progress

14 recipes each meal + snacks, drinks & condiments

Previous course members

100% of course members rated the course excellent or very good

Here are some happy members with their views of the course:

“Superb, the modules have been an eye opener & so comprehensive”


“You’ll learn LOTS of practical steps which will almost certainly impact your wellbeing”


“Motivating, enlightening & encourages you into action and so gets results”


This course is for you if:

You want to take action right now

You would like to have a calmer digestion

You want to reduce overwhelm

You want a deeper dive to find answers

You’re willing to invest time in preparing healthy food that will nourish you

You prefer self-study to being in a group

This course is NOT for you if:

  • You’re looking for a quick fix or magic pill
  • Cooking from scratch is never going to be part of your repertoire
  • You have a multiple ‘non-negotiable’ mindset
  • You only want to spend 5 minutes preparing dinner

Week 1: Rainbow Eating

  • Colour and variety of the Fab 4 – veg, fruit, herbs & spices
  • Understand why variety is the single most important change you can make
  • Discover how to widen your variety to nourish your microbiome
  • Learn the proportions and quantities needed
  • Gut superfoods list
  • Practical printables to encourage you and your kids

Week 2: Protein

  • Understand why protein is key for your gut, immune and hormonal health
  • Learn the proportions and quantities needed
  • Discover why plant proteins often cause digestive upset
  • Learn the preferred types for a healthy gut
  • Learn how to cook certain proteins
  • Discover how to source quality proteins
  • Understand how protein can help your motivation

Week 3: Carbs

**This is the key week to understanding your bloating triggers**

  • Understand how carbs break down in the body and why they cause bloating
  • Learn the difference between starchy and non-starchy carbs
  • Discover why fibre is so important
  • Get clear on which sugars to avoid
  • Discover why ratios/quantities make a massive difference to symptoms
  • Learn about preferred tummy-friendly grains
  • Understand the 2 most common carbs to cause bloating

Week 4: Fats

  • Learn the difference between good fats and bad fats
  • Understand why essential fats are essential and what they do in your gut & brain (key point – your gut CANNOT heal without them)
  • Learn which oils and fats to use and when (cooking & drizzling)
  • Discover how the right fats can improve your mood and help you make healthier choices
  • Group task to restock your oil cupboard

A peak into the carbs module

All the resources are laid out simply for you:

When you click on number 4 in the carbs week you will find the video ready to watch with a lesson activity to help you become your own digestive detective:

What’s NOT required for this course

Fancy cooking equipment (a blender and food processor help)

MasterChef qualifications

Prior nutrition knowledge

Lots of time

When you join the Gut Health Reset course you’ll get:

15 learning videos released in 4 modules over 4 weeks

Weekly printable resources and homework

The freedom to complete the course in your own time

50 inspiring recipes with no weird ingredients

My gut expertise & clinical experience

VALUE: £1,950

nurturing nutrition jane barrett nutritional therapist

What to expect:

  • Allow 1-2 hours for the weekly teaching videos
  • You can start ANYTIME
  • Easy access platform on mobile, tablet or desktop

And delicious recipes like these:

Exclusive bonus

  • Attend live monthly group coaching calls – 12 months’ access
  • Monthly calls are held every 2nd Thursday at 7:30pm (excluding August)
  • All calls are recorded if you can’t attend live


Value: £3,600

More from previous course members

“Learning on group calls has been an invaluable experience to me”


“Fabulous – non-judgemental, understanding, supportive & encouraging”


“The group calls have been wonderful. Jane always gives time to each person”


You will have access to:

15 short videos opened weekly over 4 weeks

Homework actions with each module

Monthly group coaching calls with me (chance to get in the ‘hotseat’)

Health trackers to keep note of your progress

Recording of the calls to watch any time

14 recipes each for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, drinks & condiments

Additional bonuses

List of exclusive discount codes for my preferred brands

Expert interviews from Linda Booth, Just For Tummies (benefits of colonic hydrotherapy) & Amanda Swaine, nutritionist & author (Intermittent fasting)

All my additional blog recipes in one easy download

Gut superfoods list

Access to my 10% client practitioner discount for supplement, food & lifestyle items


VALUE: £1000+

Michelle explains how the course has helped her gain control of her gut & mood

What it’s worth:

  • 4 Week self-study Gut Health Reset course VALUE £1,950
  • Exclusive invite to 12 months of live coaching calls VALUE: £3,600
  • Additional bonuses VALUE: £1,000+

TOTAL VALUE: £6,550+


This course will cost £655

For a limited time…

Your investment is only £297

FAQs (otherwise known as ‘what if’s’)

What if I need help to relate this to my personal situation?

Come along to the monthly calls….we will always find a solution or workaround for you

What if I miss a monthly call?

Don’t worry, they are always recorded so you can catch up at your leisure

What if I don’t feel comfortable sharing my personal health issues?

That’s fine. As the course is self-led, you are primarily learning in your private space. On the live group calls you can share as much or as little as you like or even just watch the recordings without attending live.

What if I don’t have the time?

Remember that this is a self-led course, so you can fit it in your time to suit you. Working with clients, I know you can see change in 4 weeks, but if life happens and you need to take longer with each module, then that is possible as you have 12 months access to all content and the monthly Q&A live calls.

Videos total around 6.5 hours, each one is 10-34 minutes long.

To effect a change you will need to invest some time, but I have taken away the overwhelm and delivered what you need to know and what you can do about it.

All videos have an accompanying PowerPoint you can download.  Videos can be listened to on 1.5 speed as an option.

What you will learn on this course and the directions you are given will be a true time-saver!

What if I don’t know what to ask on the calls?

Previous course attendees have said that listening to the questions others ask on the call, triggers them to think about questions, so I recommend you attend at least one call live.


The course is 100% digital

All live calls are on Zoom and are recorded

All teaching videos can be watched at any time (12 months’ access)

Still have questions? Email me at [email protected]