Important Things to Know About Jane

I’m me. I never pretend to be a big corporate entity behind a website.

I’ll never make you do anything you don’t want to do.

We focus as much on adding foods as we do taking them away.

You’ll never have to give up chocolate.

I value your commitment and honesty over perfection.

I always have a Plan B up my sleeve for when life gets in the way.

I’m protective over my health and family time.

I work within business hours Monday to Friday.

I take regular holidays and breaks and put my Out of Office on unapologetically.

It’s important you respect my time and keep to appointments. (please see below)

I‘ve been there and I provide that valuable support I know you need.

We’re a team and I’ve got your back (we deal with the tough times together).

Payment Policy

Payment Policy

Card payment for 1:1 services, with options for instalments is required upon booking to secure your place. Bank transfers are accepted in advance of the first consultation if paying in full or for some functional tests.  Sorry, no cash or cheques accepted.

Please note that refunds for part-completed programmes are not available. Therefore, ensure that you are fully committed to the length of the programme before making payment. 

Cancellation Policy

6 month Gut Healing Programme

To be able to offer cancelled appointments to other clients, please note that all 90- or 60-minute appointments cancelled within 48 hours’ notice will be charged if due to forgotten appointments or diary clashes.

Less than 48 hours’ notice: £150

Less than 24 hours’ notice: £250

Your appointment will then be re-scheduled meaning no loss of part of your programme.

If illness or unavoidable circumstance prevents attending an appointment which cannot be carried out on Skype/FaceTime, then re-scheduling without charge will be agreed on an individual basis.

1 Day VIP Day:

No refund given after payment/s made.