My Personal Story


Finding nutrition transformed my life; it’s a big-ass statement. But it’s why I trained in nutritional medicine to be able to help others.

‘Not feeling right’

I suffered through childhood with constant colds and a runny nose (the butt of family jokes). In my teens I started experiencing sinusitis, headaches, cold sores, bloating, abdominal pain, nausea – IBS often starts in teen years. I sought over the counter remedies and tried old wives’ tales. I went back and forth to my GP, each time helping in a small way with symptoms but never addressing the cause. At times, I felt really miserable, but I learned to ‘live with it’ for many frustrating years. It was ‘my normal’.


I understand your frustration of ‘not feeling right’.

Vicious cycle

In adult years, I suffered constant thrush, cystitis and urinary tract infections with months spent on antibiotics and anti-fungals only for it to return as soon as I stopped. Back to the GP for another prescription. It became a vicious cycle. The more medication I took, the worse my digestive symptoms which created huge anxiety. The frustration was getting on top of me. I just didn’t know what to do or where to start.

I appreciate your anxiety concerning your health.


Food is medicine

It got so bad, I finally decided to take matters into my own hands. Following the adage that ‘food is medicine’, I started researching dietary approaches. Anything was worth a try to ease the maddening symptoms I had. I researched and put a plan into action.  And WOW! Within 10 days of starting my new self-styled dietary regime (not recommended without the advice of a trained professional!), many of my symptoms disappeared.


Some foods, even healthy ones can be your nemesis.

Overjoyed with relief

I couldn’t believe how small changes made BIG differences and that I’d waited this long. However, despite great improvement, I felt that I still needed professional guidance; there was only so much I could research with limited scientific knowledge. Deciding on the myriad of supplements to choose from confused me, I had wasted enough money in the past on ‘miracle cures’!  I knew I needed access to laboratory tests not available on the NHS. But I had first-hand experience that this nutrition stuff truly worked for me and needed to know more.


I suspect you’ve tried a fair few things and wasted plenty of money on quick fixes!

Finding nutritional therapy

I rang a Nutritional Therapist. During a free 20-minute call, I was assured that nutrition may indeed support the individual biochemical processes of my body. Due to my history of IBS symptoms, antibiotic usage and long-term issues with digestion, she recommended a stool test to assess the bacterial balance and possible parasites in my digestive system.  She explained how my digestive and immune systems were out of balance, each one making the other malfunction. Most importantly, she reassured me that she could provide support. I cried with relief that someone could help me and provide me with answers.

Those 20 minutes transformed my life which is why I am passionate about providing the same free discovery call for you.

My gut ecology was quite unique!

Lab tests revealed I had been harbouring many unwelcome guests in my gut – bacteria, yeasts and parasites which had contributed to my symptoms. Yuk! I followed a personalised supplement programme and changed my diet to modify my microbiome and eliminate the little critters affecting my health. Although many issues were improving or disappearing, some stubbornly remained.

Microbial imbalance is very likely to be a part of your health issue.

My calling

It was at this time I decided this was what I wanted to do for others. Call it a calling. I had experienced first-hand the power of nutrition and eagerly wanted to do the same for others – for people like you. I felt so much better, yet honestly believed that I could feel even better.   So, I signed up to study nutritional therapy and started planning a career change.

Many years on, I still get great pleasure with every client’s improvement.  

Then my learning really started

During my four years of training, I solved pieces of my personal puzzle, tried elimination diets, and did further lab tests:

  • I was genetically lactose intolerant – years of milk products led to many of my IBS symptoms
  • I was gluten intolerant – making my IBS symptoms worse – self-confessed carb junkie!
  • I was vitamin D deficient – sunscreen obsessive which was affecting my immunity
  • Years of cumulative stress – both physical and emotional had taken a huge toll
  • I was iron deficient – no wonder I was so tired all the time!
  • I then identified a build-up of toxic heavy metals
  • It wasn’t until I identified my virulent viral load (EBV, CMV, HSV-1, HSV-2, HHV-6), and addressed this that my body systems started working more efficiently


Superwoman isn’t real

I was your average working woman: wife, mother to two young boys, a carer for ageing parents AND a student, struggling to keep everyone happy. I rarely put myself first. After 3 personal losses in 3 years, the struggling intensified.  Due to my training, I knew that grief and emotional stress could have huge effects on the body. Even with my vastly improved health, excellent diet and healthy lifestyle, it was still a massive eye opener to comprehend the effects of both physical stress (intolerances, infections) and emotional stress (being Superwoman, grief) on my well-being. What a steep learning curve I was on; but I was only going in one direction – upwards!

I learned to slow down and accept that Superwoman isn’t real, really, she’s not!

I learned we are all physiologically unique and what works for one person doesn’t work for another.

I learned to listen to my symptoms and not to mask them with medication, but to find the cause and support the underlying imbalance.

I learned that history, genetics and lifestyle choices all affect wellbeing, and most importantly, that they can be modulated with wise food choices.

I learned to nurture my mind, body and soul.

I keep learning every day I practice.

My story makes me the caring practitioner I am today.

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