Mackerel is an oily fish rich in anti-inflammatory omega 3 fats. Omega 3 Rich Mackerel Pate is a nutrient-dense, highly-digestible protein making it a great choice if you have digestive issues.

As well as helping keep your digestive system lubricated, the anti-inflammatory actions are also beneficial for your:

  • heart & circulation
  • bone health
  • eye health
  • immune system
  • thyroid function & metabolism

It is also rich in vitamin D (although food is relatively low in vitamin D – sun exposure is vastly superior); this is vital for proper utilisation of calcium in your body. Mackerel is rich in calcium, iron, magnesium, selenium & potassium and also contains the antioxidant CoQ10 which helps to protect cells from damage.

Plus it’s a cost-effective source of protein.  Cheap AND good for you.  A no-brainer.

This recipe is SO QUICK to make.

Gluten-free (GF), nut-free (NF), dairy-free (DF) option*, suitable for Low FODMAP (if lactose-free or coconut yoghurt), SCD & SIBO diets (if home-made 24 hour yoghurt)

1 pack of cooked smoked mackerel fillets (in shrink-wrapped packets)

1 tablespoon live yoghurt (cows or non-dairy coconut)

A good twist of freshly ground black pepper

A squeeze or two of lemon to taste

Herbs to garnish (parsley, chives and coriander all work well)

  1. Take the skin off the mackerel fillets and discard
  2. Put the fillets into a food processor with the yoghurt, lemon and pepper and mix until smooth or chunky as you require
  3. Turn into a glass dish with a lid so you can keep it in the fridge for a few days

Additional options include:

  • Add a little horseradish sauce or freshly grated horseradish, a teaspoon of capers or half a teaspoon of grainy mustard for a kick
  • You can also add the herbs in the mix (rather than as a garnish) which turns it a little green
  • Like curried fish? Be daring and add turmeric powder for an additional anti-inflammatory boost
  • Swap the yoghurt for olive oil* for a dairy-free version if you prefer a non-creamy version
  • Swap the yoghurt for butter if you want a more solid texture (particularly when refrigerated) and a dose of healing fat for your gut (butter is rich in butyric acid which helps provide energy to your colonic cells)

Serving suggestions for Omega 3 Rich Mackerel Pate:

With grains

  • With buckwheat crackers (Amisa is one of my favourites)
  • With oatcakes (Nairns plain is my family favourite)
  • With good quality wholegrain bread (preferably gluten-free homemade bread with no additives if you suffer digestive issues)


  • With seeded grain-free crackers (I like Raw Health)
  • Home-made, grain-free bread (blog coming soon)
  • With celery & carrot sticks
  • On large lettuce leaves with sesame seeds sprinkled on top
  • On a bed of rocket & tomatoes
  • With a beetroot & watercress salad


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Jane Barrett is a registered nutritionist and expert in digestive health helping women & children with digestive issues take control of their health through food. She offers support through meal plans, online courses & personalised 1:1 programmes on Zoom.